Welcome to Blogs at Bryn Mawr College! I want to start off by saying that this blog does not represent any personal views held by the college. They’re held by me- stressing senior, Angela Motte.

I’m really excited to be able to blog for Bryn Mawr. I’m interested in institutional memory and historical archiving, so to have a digital forum in which I will try to capture my year’s happenings is quite exciting to me on an intellectual level. It’s also really exciting because I’m finally on the graduation time crunch which forces me to do all the fun things I’ve been postponing doing. It’s really a win-win for all involved.

Today I took a break from academia for a date with my lovely girlfriend, Pam. Recent graduate of Bryn Mawr, Pam is my best friend in the entire world. I’m so lucky to still have her in the area, and I’m sure you all will be hearing a lot about her as the year goes on. We went to a cute little place in Ardmore called The Mud Room to paint pottery. Ever the practical one, I made a tray to hold spare change and my keys. Usually one for the whimsical, Pam has been know to paint garden gnomes, but this time settled for a pot to put flowers in.

IMG_6066  IMG_6068

It’s honestly such a cute little place, and, as usual, we were the only ones there, which made a great time to catch up and talk. Arts&Crafts have always been super relaxing for me, so it was a great time to wind down and just relax for a bit. I feel like The Mud Room is a rare gem that not a lot of Bryn Mawr students know about, so if you’re reading this- GO!!!

Post-painting, we went to Maido, a really good Japanese grocery store/restaurant. Pam got the delicious meal featured below. Although Philly has some amazing Japanese restaurants, Maido will always have a special place in our hearts. The food is well priced, and I’m always down for anything egg/rice related.


All in all, today was a good day. Tomorrow will be quasi-crunch time, as I really need to start working on some essays (being a history major, this is the majority of the graded items we must complete). But for now, I’m content knowing that I have one more night before researching needs to begin.