(fifteen) or writers block trail mix

The time has come! I have writers block on my thesis- so here I am, blogging about why it’s ok to take a break from working to allow your thoughts to flow! I have found that college produces a sort of stigma around productivity and quality of work- work is unspokenly expected to be high quality and deeply thought out at any given time. But sometimes that’s not possible! You can’t expect to be your best worker at all given times. Honestly, this is probably one of the hardest lessons that I’ve learned while in school. I’m still trying to learn it, so this is me actively trying to learn.

So here I am! Taking my own advice, and letting myself relax. Once again, my kitty-cat Effy is by my side keeping me company. I made myself a snack- chocolate chip pieces, raisins, and peanuts (It’s kinda like trail mix you get from stores, but also a comfort food that I can always make when I’m home). I’m also sitting outside to just enjoy the weather before I head back to Pennsylvania. It’s the little things that make it all feel good!

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