(eighteen) or the ford

I have a confession to make- although we are a college that prides itself on being a tri-college consortium, I have only ever taken classes at Bryn Mawr. Granted, my rationale for this is because Bryn Mawr is by far superior so why would I ever dream of taking classes else where? I know that other students really do enjoy the other schools and like getting off of BMC’s campus to explore other areas. So today I did that by visiting Haverford!

We have a blue bus that takes us to other schools, which is really great because it’s free! It’s also a pretty cozy bus as far as buses go. School buses from where I come from are always dirty, broken, and unsafe, so coming here I was astounded by how clean and nice they were. Anyway! The ride is pretty short to Haverford, about ten minutes, so you can curl up in a seat and watch the passing trees and houses. It’s especially nice in the fall because suddenly you’re surrounded by a rushing swirl of colors from changing trees. Plus, the windows of the bus are open just a bit, so you get a really nice breeze through the cracks.

As a campus, Haverford is pretty (bRyN MaWr iS BeTTEr). They’re a Quaker school, so they have architecture that, to my understanding, reflects this. It has lots of greenery which I appreciate. They do a pretty good job of having outdoor seating as well. I found myself a rocking chair and just sat around and enjoyed the weather for a bit today. IMG_6296 IMG_6297

They have a lot of open spaces, which I can image would be a nice place to play sports! It’s a bigger campus than Bryn Mawr, and having no idea really where anything is, I usually stick to places I know, or allow others to lead me around like a child. Overall Haverford is nice, but my heart really does belong elsewhere.

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