(twenty two) or a 40 degree drop

I’ve been listening to Beach House and my nose has started running, so that can only mean one thing- FALL IS OFFICIALLY HERE! I have no clue what’s been going on with the weather recently, to be honest. It was 80 degrees just last week and I was wearing shorts, and now it’s a solid 42 and you won’t catch me outside in less than three layers of clothing.

Unfortunately, the beginning of fall also signals the beginning of winter, and the beginning of the end of term. Don’t get me wrong, I really do love the seasons here. Florida has two seasons- Hurricane Season and the Summer. PA is a really nice break from that. But even after four years, I still am mystified by the winter, and how people can live in the cold that long without having some serious side effects. Within three days of the weather dropping, I’m already cold to the bones.

I’m also already thinking about all the work I have to do. The classes at BMC have a tendency to give you a bunch of work, coupling that with a want of social activities and a good night’s rest, achieving a healthy balance is pretty hard to find. I’m currently at a place where my planner is filled to the brim with mandatory activities, and I’m having a hard time squeezing anything else inside of it. I think this is a similar feeling felt around campus, as my friends have also been complaining of similar woes. It’s really aggravating to create plans and then realize you may not have time for those plans- it’s actually pretty disheartening as well as disappointing.

I’m also the kind of person who will plan things way in advance in an attempt to create a weekend where I wouldn’t have any work. However, random things keep popping up that need attending too! Which is super annoying when I’ve been looking forward to time off! Praying that the working world isn’t like this as well- I’m getting tired of feeling like I have things I need to attend to 24/7.


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