(forty) or sick girl blues

Well, it’s official- I’m sick. After such an amazing weekend away from my work, I slowly went into a health decline, only to wake up today stuffy nosed, hot, and exhausted. I have gotten sick around this same time every year, for the last seven years. I think it has something to do with the changing of the weather, but mostly the stress that tends to come around this time. Last year, I was stuck in bed for a week. I’m really just praying that this doesn’t happen to me this again year. Granted, I am ahead on my work so I can technically sneak by with getting sick and being unproductive, but I was really looking forward to doing work at my leisure rather than in a frenzy.

In other news, I’ve been prepping for a special something that will happen tomorrow. I don’t wanna ruin it, but just trust me on this one…. Anyway! This preparation took me to Ardmore, two train stops away from Bryn Mawr. I personally really love Ardmore. Once, I took all of my homework to the Ruby’s Diner in town, asked the manager if my friends and I could have a table in the back so we could camp out and do our homework, and he let us sit there in silence for actual hours. We ordered milkshakes and cheese fries whenever we finished the old basket, but regardless, it was super cute and very kind. The manager asked us what we were studying, and gave us all respectful distance while we worked. This is the impression I have of Ardmore- little cute buildings, friendly managers who let you stay in their resultants to work on homework, and lots of ladies in yoga pants going to who knows where. They also have a Trader Joe’s which is a college students dream. It has healthy food that is decently affordable in comparison to other grocery stores. Plus, they sell the world famous cookie butter that I adore (but can no longer eat without flashbacks of stomach aches from my freshmen year thanksgiving- please refer to previous blog posts…). Ardmore also has a farmers market that I have walked around but never have actually purchased from because I find the prices pretty expensive. It’s still really cute, and they have free samples.

On the other side of the train tracks, Ardmore has a cute little video store and some nice restaurants. Personally, I haven’t seen a movie renting business since I was little, with the rise and fall of Blockbuster, so to see one in Ardmore makes me kind of happy. Don’t get me wrong, I love Netflix and instant streaming, but I do kind of enjoy the “hunt” to find the perfect movie, although exasperating as it can be. It’s just like getting a book from a library- you have the call number, you go to where it should be, it’s not there, you ask for help, you realize it REALLY isn’t there, and then you settle for something else that you probably wouldn’t have gotten if what you REALLY wanted was available, so you settle, but end up liking what you settled for better than what you would have originally gotten. Movie stores and libraries have a tendency to do that and I’m not sure how.

In short, my sick, stuffy little mind wanders back to the freezing cold train platform that I was stuck as for half an hour in Ardmore, clutching a bag full of ~*preparations*~ for tomorrow. Naturally, when I came back to my room, I sat in front of my heater, covered myself in a blanket, and tried to get some heat back into my limbs. Will I leave my room again tonight? We’ll see.

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