(forty eight) or avocado toast

This has been an amazing food weekend for Pam and I. We normally have a weekly date night, but because of finals and end of term stress for me, we had taken several rain checks on going out and doing things. However, this weekend marked the first weekend where I have been DONE with EVERYTHING, so Pam and I decided to make this weekend extra special by relaxing and just splurging on things we enjoy.

Thursday night we went to Abe Fisher (pronounced “Ay-buh Fih-sher” by everyone, except Pam, who was under the impression it was pronounced “Ah-bay Fih-sher”) which according to their website is, “is inspired by the journey of the Jewish people from their ancestral homeland to the Diaspora. Making their way across Europe through the Middle Ages, to Germany and Poland, France and Spain and beyond, Jews developed a cuisine that balanced local customs and ingredients with biblical laws and traditions. Ultimately, they found their way to the New World, creating thriving Jewish capitals in places like New York and Miami. Chef Yehuda Sichel’s menu pays homage to centuries of tradition (Montreal Smoked Short Ribs), while embracing the idea that cultural exchange places cuisine in a continuous state of evolution (Hungarian Duck, Chinatown-style).” In short, this place was crazy good. Pam and I always eat family style wherever we go, and this place was super centered around that, which made it even better for us.

Pam and I are both pretty adventurous eaters, but the one thing that we won’t agree on is how to cook beef. Pam likes hers medium rare, whereas I like mine well done. She tells me that any chef would scoff at my choice, and would take it as an insult to prepare the meat that cooked- then I remind her that I’ve seen enough autopsy/crime scene photos/dead people in my life time to remind me of the bleeding piece of meat in front of me, then we both move on with other foods. The best part about Abe Fisher was the service- I’m totally biased because our waiter gave us a free drink and free entree so that was pretty amazing.

Frida night Pam and I went to Charlie was a sinner. This vegan restaurant is a tapas style restaurant, and Pam and I have been wanting to eat here since forever. We finally got our chance! The inside of the restaurant is gorgeous- it reminds me of a library for some reason. It’s a pretty small space, but with mirror lined walls, lit candles, and high ceilings somehow this resultant makes it seem a lot bigger than it actually is. The atmosphere was perfect, and Pam and I ended up sitting around for a long time just talking.

Saturday Pam and I went to Little Spoon Cafe for lunch. I was able to snag some photos of the cafe because it felt less formal, and I didn’t think I would be stared at if someone saw me taking photos with my phone. We split avocado toast, and each had tea. It was a really great morning to share with someone I love so much.

IMG_6801 IMG_6804

I ended my weekend by having a Star Wars movie marathon. We watched 4,5,6, and part of 7. Miscalculating the time just a bit, I couldn’t keep my eyes open past 2:30am, so we decided to pause The Force Awakens so I could enjoy it in all of it’s glory. In other news, Star Wars make so much more sense when you watch them back to back, and the little details that you would have otherwise missed out on don’t go unnoticed. Pam and I had a great time discussing the theory behind it all, even though we recognize that none of it is real.


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