(fifty one) or welcome back for the last time

I’m back! After an amazing break back home in Florida, I have ventured back to Bryn Mawr for one final semester. Getting back into my room, I realized how quickly I was able to fall back into my rhythm here. Not even an hour into returning to campus, friends stopped by to say hello and check in with me. Residents on my hall peaked their heads into my room to see how my break was. My emails were flooded with things that I had to do, and had been delaying until I returned to campus.

My home away from home for these last four years has always been Bryn Mawr. Now coming into my familiar hallway, I feel as if I’m stuck in an in-between. I’ve started looking for jobs, and possible places to live in May. Maybe this has contributed to my being feeling pulled between places- or maybe this is just how every senior feels when they return for the last time. It’s quite an odd feeling, but one that isn’t necessarily bad. Arguably, I will return to Bryn Mawr again as an alum, but this will be my last time returning to BMC when I can still call it my home. Maybe I’m outgrowing it a bit, or it’s outgrown me. Either way, I know that soon we will have to part ways in the most bittersweet celebration of achievement- graduation.

I have so many things that I’m looking forward to doing this semester. I’m excited for my classes (which I’ll share with you when they’re finalized!), and seeing my friends, and doing the senior things I won’t be able to do for much longer. But once again, with every memory made, I have the tiny voice in the back of my mind reminding me that the end is quite near, and it’s not as far away as I feel like it can be.

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