(fifty six) or gardens

My mother is an excellent gardener. Ever since I was a little child, she was able to coax flowers out of the earth like no one else. Having come from Michigan, she explained to me that the environment of Florida was a little different, so she had to try harder to grow things. But- boy did she ever.

She’s a fan of bright colors and indigenous plants, so she would go out of her way to find things that blossomed.

Being surrounded by so much greenery as a child didn’t escape me- although I love Florida, endless rows of Palm Trees soon began to lose their charm on me. Whenever out of state friends would come, I wouldn’t give a second glance to whatever they were oohing and aahing about- chances are, I had seen it a million times, and I’d see it a million more. Everything, that is, except my mother’s garden.

I took this love of plants with me to college. Unfortunately, growing plants inside a dorm room is quite different than growing plants outside with expose to lots of sun and rain. I tried my best, and although I’ve had a few seeds that never sprouted, plants that died immediately after purchase, and a questionable fungus infection, my plants seem to be doing well.

My orchids are even blooming! This is a second successful season, so I’ve given myself an honorary green thumb.

I am a bit worried about my cactus- it’s surviving in the winter because its safe from the outside, but it’s not getting enough sun daily for it to really thrive. I’ve converted my desk lamp into a symbolic sun for the little guy. I’m hoping that although the light doesn’t produce the same effects as sunlight, the heat from the bulb will at least do the plant some good.

All in all, my mini-garden doesn’t hold a candle to my mother’s garden. For now, it makes me think of home, and it makes me happy even when the weather outside is wild. It’s quite a nice sight to see when I come home after a long day, and it feels good to know that I’m taking care of something.

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