(sixty) or adulting part 1

The time has come! Pam and I have officially started to look for places to live. It’s super exciting, but also super terrifying. Part of me is like “I will never be able to afford rent and food at the same time” but the other part of me is like “You have this totally and utterly under control because you are planning ahead and saving up.” The other part of me is just giddy with excitement and is internally screaming a bunch.

I spent a good part of yesterday looking around, feeling out things we did like and didn’t like, and discussing possible options for us. I’m so appreciative that Pam and I are communicative, and on the same page as each other. I think if I didn’t have her as a support, this would be a much more stressful process. We’re both very goal-oriented, so we’ve also made a list of things that we’ll need when we live together, and we’ve started to look around so we can get the best prices on things such as furniture.

We looked in a bunch of different places, varying from apartment buildings, to condos, to bedrooms in homes for rent. We haven’t decided on anything yet, but we’ve narrowed down our search. We also have a bit better of an idea of what we’re looking for. It’s also nice because we have a better sense of how much our dollars can stretch in Philly. I was looking at rent in other city’s, and I was shocked to see how much more money things were. I know Philly’s an older city (ok, one of America’s oldest) but I thought it added to the charm.

Regardless, it was a really fun (and anxiety provoking) day, but I wouldn’t have wanted to do it with anyone else. I’m super excited for next year, and I think because we broke the seal on starting, the apartment hunting search can only go up from here!

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