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Today we had the first snow day of the year! My freshmen year we had snow days for what seemed like every other week, but this year we’ve been abnormally warm and sunny. However, last night it snowed and snowed and snowed, and here we are- safe and warm in our dorms with a winter wonderland outside.

I’m personally super happy that classes were canceled. I love classes, but I got to admit, I still get excited at the prospect of sleeping in, waking up when I want, and then having time I didn’t think I would otherwise have to do work.

Today I woke up super early, checked my email, and was suddenly filled with adrenaline because the news had broke; the college is closed, no classes. Instead of going back to sleep, I rushed out of bed, put on my warmest clothes, and went to friend my friend Lillian.

Lillian had promised me that she would teach me how to ski. I’ve never been skiing, and therefore have never learned how. Apparently it’s a lot of fun, and people really enjoy it. So Lillian told me that when she got back to BMC after winter break, she would bring her skis with her and would teach me how to cross country ski.

AND SHE KEPT HER PROMISE!! Today she and I went out to Merion Green, and she strapped me into her boots. I wasn’t super good at it at first. I kept knocking the skis together, and because I was so concentrated on what was going on below me, I wasn’t looking where I was going. Luckily Lillian stayed close to my side warning me of trees, correcting my movements, and overall giving positive encouragement.

She gave me a solid “C” which I was happy with seeing as this was my first time strapping myself to two metal gliders hoping I won’t be thrown down a hill. I didn’t really get a hang of the “gliding” motion that Lillian was so effortlessly doing, but she said that I did move my weight around and bend my knees. So that’s a plus.

After a few …”runs”… I relinquished my reigns to Lillian who whisked around the snow like a total pro while I chased after her. I quickly realized that she would be an excellent target practice, as the snow was perfect snowball condition.

Today I learned how to ski, and I also learned that my aim is a bit better than I would have normally given myself credit for. I’m looking forward to the rest of the weekend, and I’m so HAPPY that I have more time to get ahead of my work.

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