(sixty three) or weekend wonders

Pam and I are being proactive and adult-ing again! Let me rephrase- Pam and I are both adults, yes, but whenever we need to do something particularly emotionally draining I like to tease her and say we’re adult-ing. 90% of the time I say it under my breath, but the 10% of the time that she hears me she looks at me like the wide-eyed emoji and scoffs. Anyway!

This weekend we continued our hunt for a home. We looked at another apartment and decided that we wanted to pursue it. We’re gonna talk about it a bit more, and crunch more numbers, but overall I’m happy we’re taking these steps together.

In some of our space time, we wandered in the furniture shops around Philly. Most of the time the items in the shops were out of our price range (1,000$ for a bed frame?? Are you joking???) but it was still nice to just walk about and get ideas. We found out that we have very close taste in things, which is always reassuring.

Although I’m still having trouble uploading photos (Diana! Help me!) I was able to upload these two above. Pam and I went to Nora’s on south street to get dinner one night. These burritos were HUGE. I went in expecting a burrito sized burrito but instead I got a baby sized burrito (as in the size of a baby, not a size for a baby). Luckily for us our two burritos translated into six meals which was pretty amazing and highly cost efficient.

This upcoming week will be WTF week. I’ll be sure to update you all on my adventures of my last time “Welcoming The First-years”

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