(sixty five) or off campus isolation

Ellen and I have been talking about getting off campus for weeks now. With a lot of planning ahead, we finally were able to make a day that we could dedicate totally to ourselves, and spending time with each other.

We decided to sleep in, and then get brunch in Erdman. After that, we went to King of Prussia Mall. The weather outside was gorgeous, so we drove with the windows down. It’s been pretty cold for the last week or two, so just being able to go outside with the sun shining was amazing.

We walked around the mall for a bit, window shopped, tried free samples of things, and split a smoothie. We stopped by Lush to get face masks, and then got a few free samples from them as well.

On the way home, we decided to have a picnic behind Rhoads. It was the perfect way to enjoy the sunset.

Later in the night we put on our face masks and watched a movie called “The Mask You Live In” – a film about the sociological effects of America’s narrow definition of masculinity.

Overall it was just the day I needed. Ellen and I got to spend some really good time together, but we were also able to get off campus and really reground ourselves in what matters to us. Time spent with Ellen is always time well spent, and I’m so lucky to have her in my life.

Below are some photos from our day.

(Music Ellen introduced to me- you should look them up, they’re really good)

(Ellen and I both agreed this was the prettiest dress)

(The nice lady at Sephora gave us free samples of this face wash- thank you so much)

(I can understand why people at Lush mistake the soaps for food)

(One of my all time favorite stores)

(Ellen and I post smoothie)

(The really cute candy shop at KOP)

(Ellen and I really like the advertising. The women featured were unedited and had things like stomach rolls and crooked smiles. It was wonderful to see.)

(The view from our picnic.)

(Our picnic dinner.)

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