(seventy eight) or finals

Around the beginning of April every year, I begin to feel the need to work on my finals. As with every other year, I have begun to feel this feeling. I’m not sure why or what prompts me to start working ahead, but I just do it. I think being an HA and knowing that finals week is hellish for a lot of my residents encourages me to get everything done that way if something horrible does happen, I’m done with all of my work so I can be available for someone who needs me.

This year I’m doing the same thing. It’s also nice because for the first time I’m doing finals that aren’t just exams or written work- I’m producing a movie. Granted I have 0 experience with film making, and yes, I don’t own any equipment, but HEY! I can do this because I can do anything if I try long enough. And try long enough I will- I’ve already spent an hour trying to figure out how to use “iMovie” and upload videos from my cell phone onto my computer. It’s looking good so far.

I think that by pushing myself to do something out of my normal, I’m stretching myself and my comforts. I’m actually really worried about this film because it does have the potential to go up in flames. But here I am regardless working on it and trying to make it something that I feel good about turning in. I’m hoping that my professor feels that way too, not going to lie. But we shall see.

Another cool thing I’m doing for finals week is making a workshop. Again, this is really out of the ordinary for me because I haven’t done this for a final before. I’ll be presenting to the Junior History majors, so this is also my excuse to try to convince them to produce some sort of thesis for the department next year. I’m hoping that my workshop will show them that you don’t need to write a paper or use traditional methods to get information across to a group of people.

Anyway, I’m a bit nervous about my execution of all of these things, so wish me luck.

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