(seventy nine) or last spring reflections

I think my last Bryn Mawr Undergraduate Spring has sprung! It’s been quite rainy here, but it’s only been paving the way for the flowers and the buds to burst their way through the ground. One of the things that I love the most about Bryn Mawr is the foliage that appears in the spring, and in particular, the cherry blossoms.

I know that the pathway from the Pems to Rock get a lot of attention because they’re a beautiful row of cherry blossom trees that suddenly erupt into color all at once, but this spring I’ve been paying particular attention to the solitary Cherry Blossom tree that stands by Rhoads. A few days ago I was exiting the dorm through the back way- the door that leads closest to the library (next to the outdoor trash heap)- when I felt a sudden gust of wind that brought a shower of little petals down on me.

I think it was one of the prettiest things that have ever happened to me at Bryn Mawr. I was surrounded by little pink petals dancing in the wind. Moments like this make me super sentimental and appreciative for the beautiful campus that I get to call home. Talking to alumnae, a lot of them have expressed a sort of compassion for these trees. After four years of awe, I understand how hard it must be to leave them. I’ve been basking in their beauty for a while now, but I will soon have to give it up.

My freshmen year I remember walk ing through the Rock Row late at night. It was like a million little stars were flickering on the branches of the trees.

My sophomore year I had a picnic under their blossoms, picking out petals that had fallen in my lemonade.

My junior year I watched the cherry blossoms freeze over as we got a strange second winter. The flowers bloomed in the snow.

And this year, my senior and final year, I was given a windy hug by the little pink petals that seemed to have followed me through out my four years.

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