(eighty) or how to senior year

I’ve been doing some reflections on my senior year, and I wanted to share some things that I think helped me have a great year.

  1. Make friends with staff/faculty/administration. Like actual friends. I think this is my most important take away. You’re a senior now- you’re already foot in foot out, so might as well strengthen the bonds that you have. Your professors are (shockingly) actual people who do fun and exciting things! Try to get to know them as a person rather than the individual who is in charge of your grade. You already have the same intellectual interests, so try to remember that soon you will no longer be a student (you will be a glorious alum) so it’s ok to talk to them about things other than academia. Ask about their cats, for example. If they have more than 2 you know that you have some real relationship potential there. In all seriousness however, I have been lucky enough to have made amazing connections, and I find them to be some of my most loving and supportive relationships.
  2. Recognize that you’re leaving soon. I think this is a point that I personally had a really easy time with, but some of my friends did not. Try to enjoy the time that you have left here, but remember that very soon it won’t be your campus in the same way anymore. You can get involved for your alma mater in other ways- Philanthropy is a huge option, through volunteering your time or your money. But for now, try to remember that this is temporary and soon you will need to find a way to give back in other ways.
  3. Job search early. Or apply for things early! Even if you’re graduating in May it still feels really good to practice writing cover letters and editing your resume. You need to be super proactive and take charge in this regard, so I find that the more you do it the better. Plus, you’ll be able to improve your networking ability which is always an amazing skill.
  4. Spring Clean. It’s time for new adventures, which means that you can finally recycle that “What to do in Bryn Mawr Town” pamphlet they gave you your first year here! Go through your stuff, and pursue things. Sell things you’re never gonna use again, donate things, recycle (or trash) things. It’s going to feel so good when you do it, plus you really don’t have the space for it to bring to wherever you’re going next. Granted, I’m not telling you to throw away your freshmen year dried flowers, but take a serious look at the things you never use anymore.
  5. ENJOY THE REST OF YOUR TIME HERE! Go to the keynote speakers, go to LILAC to talk about your future, enjoy the dining hall special meals! Do the things you’ve been meaning to do for your time here but kept saying “It can wait”- you can’t wait anymore. You just gotta do it and enjoy the experience. Or don’t enjoy the experience, but at least you did it and tried!

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