(eighty three) or break from the norm

This weekend was absolutely amazing. Pam and I have been quite busy because we’ve been preparing for our move, I’ve been preparing for the end of term, and Pam has been packing all of her things into boxes. With all the things that we have going on, we’veĀ been a bit busy to say the least. Part of me is so ready to take the next step and see what adventures await me, but the other part of me sees all that I need to do in the short amount of time that I have left. Although it feels impossible, I know that I’ll be able to make everything work out. Right now, I’ve begun the process of boxing up my room. I hate, hate, HATE living in a space that no longer feels like my own, but again, this is the big brand new approaching closer and closer to me.


Today we took the day off and got to enjoy Philly. We went all over (we walked a total of 15 miles this weekend!! This is a lot for us!) and were able to enjoy each other’s company. Below you will find photos of our adventures.


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