(eighty five) or love to the alums

This is an open and honest love letter to the alums of Bryn Mawr College:

My dear Alums,

Even though I may not know you personally, I know that you are willing to reach out to me and send me support and advice. From little letters of encouragement to offering me places to stay in my future travels, you all have become a giant blurry figure wiling to welcome me to a home away from home with open arms. Some times your love is tough and I recoil at the sound, but then I see the kindness welling up inside of you, and I let down my defenses to see that you’re offering me a pearl of wisdom you have learned years before I have.

Through time, treasures, and talent, you continually give to back to your community and allow the current students the opportunity to learn and grow. Although sometimes we are at odds, we know at the end of the day we all share a deep and immobile bond that unites us together. Although we are now at many different stages of our lives, I truly treasure the stories you have offered up to me about your life, and the future you have made for yourself.

Recognizing that Bryn Mawr isn’t perfect, many of you have tried to remain in contact with the institution to create change for the students that came after you. For that, I am very thankful. From networking, to emotional support, to something as small as wishing me well on my tough days, it seems that this group of intelligent people who have passed before me are always looking out for me, and the next steps I take in my adventures.

Soon I will be one of you! I hope that I can seamlessly transition into your status just as you have. I would be honored to be another support for a future Mawrtyr who is a bit lost and lonely on their path through college. I am excited to continuously help, protect, and encourage others – just as you have for me.

All my love to you,

Angela Motte ’17

2 thoughts on “(eighty five) or love to the alums

  1. Dear Angela – As an alumna and as the parent of one of your current hall advisees, I take particular pleasure in welcoming you to the alumnae community! I so appreciated your warm welcome to me when I was visiting Cecilia for Lantern Night and our conspiratorial plotting for traditions purposes. 😉 Bryn Mawr is not perfect, but it’s ours. As you so wisely recognize, the traits that make one a Mawrter as a student also influence the community that we are as alums – individuals with strong ideas and a willingness to express them. Based on my almost thirty years of experience, it is a community that will support you through whatever comes your way, personally and professionally. I have been deeply grateful for it in my own life. Anassa kata on your graduation and whatever lies ahead for you!

    • Thank you so much! I appreciate the warm welcome, and hope to see more of you in the future! Are you coming for reunion?

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