(eighty seven) or last day of classes reflection

Yesterday was my last day of Undergraduate classes at Bryn Mawr College ever. Wow. I’m not even quite sure where to begin. Part of me is feeling nostalgic for the time that I’ve spent here, the friends I’ve made, and the things I’ve learned. The other part of me is just so excited to be done- as much as I love BMC, I am excited to be entering a new part of my life where when work is done, work is done for the day. Overall, it’s an interesting mix of conflicting emotions. Regardless, the last day is done, and here I am, snuggled up in bed, listening to the birds outside of Rhoads chirping, and the geese squaring every so often. I feel like for the first day after my last day, I’m off to a really good start.

Part of me wonders if I spent the last four years doing things “right.” I recognize that nothing can ever truly be “right”- luckily we don’t live within a binary, but rather a spectrum of being. However, everyone always says that undergraduate will be the best years of your life! They felt pretty great to me, but I suppose a bit of me is hoping that things can only go up from here, rather a slow, progressive downward spiral into adulthood. I’m hoping that the more I live, the more I will incline into pure bliss (A girl can dream can’t she?)

Anyway! May Day is coming up, and as much as I’m looking forward to it, I’m really looking forward to a time when I can sleep in and go to bed early. I think that will be my reward to myself- getting a long and good night’s sleep.

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