(eighty four) or the moving blues

Tomorrow Pam and I begin the process to move into our new apartment. I have two weeks of classes left, one final to go, a job to find, and a house to make a home. This feels very much like the way my undergraduate career should end- a little uncertain of the future, but still pushing through to get to the finish line. It’s like I have all these ideas of the things I still need to do in order to make the pieces fall together, but I’m missing the pieces!

Right now my room is divided into two sections- packed and to pack later. I have a lot of my decorations still hanging on the walls, which at least keeps my room feeling like a home. However, I’m trying to sell and/or get rid of a lot of extra stuff, so I feel like I’m living in a half lived in space. Plus, I had a corner of my room overflowing with boxes and bags I need to bring to Philadelphia. So that just makes it feel cluttered and messy- not the ideal place to be living, or doing things in. Again, the end of the year always brings about boxes and moving, so I’m just doing everything a bit early.

My two weeks of classes are going to be fun I think. Being me, I’ve finished my finals super early (except the one final exam that will be released on the last day of classes). I’m not particularly focused on the last two weeks per say, rather I’m just kind of going through the motions and enjoying the time I have left here. It’s very bittersweet and anticlimactic. Part of my expects some secret knowledge to be passed down to me on the last day, but the other part of me realizes that secret knowledge has been given to me slowly over the course of four years.

I’m excited for the next adventures I’ll be starting, but a part of me is mourning the loss of my Bryn Mawr home.

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