(eighty six) or how to survive finals week

Spring Finals are a few short days from being here! I decided that it would probably be best to write this blog post before the stress kicks in, versus afterwards, when it’s too late. On that note, here are my top 5 tips on how to survive finals weeks:

  1. Set up a schedule. By this I mean a schedule for your body, not for your mind. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, making time for meals, and taking breaks throughout the day. The in between time you can use to study, but I found it super helpful to have allotted times to do basic human necessity things- otherwise I forgot, or I prioritized other activities (studying) above them.
  2. Have a wind down time before you go to bed. This is one I’m still trying to implement in my daily life, but when I’m able to successfully do it, it works wonders. Don’t stop studying at 9pm, and then immediately hop into bed. Take an hour off to shower, get ready for bed, and then do something calming that can soothe your mind before you sleep. I’ve found that if I just hop into bed right after studying, I have a hard time actually falling asleep because my mind is still focused on work.
  3. Find spaces where you feel good studying. Maybe your room is feeling a bit smaller than it ever has- It’s time to find a new spot to camp out and study! Carpenter has amazing lighting, the campus center always has background noise and people in it, Canaday will be open 24/7! Think of things you need to do your best while studying, and then find a spot that fits that description.
  4. Do one (OR MORE!!!) nice things for yourself a day. Again, I have a tendency to be very goal-oriented. This is really good for productivity and getting work done, but it has a tendency to leave me feeling drained. I found that a good way to combat this is to do something that is totally “YOU” focused. It can be as small as taking a walk, or something as big as taking a day off. Regardless, when you do something kind to yourself, you’re able to refocus later.
  5. Remember that at the end of the day, it’s just an exam period. We do put a lot of pressure on academia, but we (I) need to remember that it’s just an exam period. So many other things matter besides this, so if you feel yourself slipping reach out to your DLT, your dean, counseling, Public Safety, or any other resource this campus has to offer us!

Best of luck to everyone, and you got this! I’m sending you love and positivity.

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