(seventy) or spring break

Spring Break is finally here! I hate flying more than I hate a lot of things, so I try to leave as early as I possibly can in order to (hopefully) miss some of the turbulence. This meant that yesterday I left for the airport at 4:30 am. However, my fear of flying was abated when I finally landed in South Florida!

It’s always really funny to get off the airplane and feel the instant humidity of Florida. It hits you like a wall. For me, it’s a “Wow, I always forget how dry the air in Pennsylvania is.” The next thing you’ll notice is the sun. It’s so sunny. Like crazy sunny. You’re going to need to invest in a pair of sunglasses if you don’t already own them, otherwise you’re going to spend your days squinting and trying to block out the rays just to do simple tasks such as driving.

It feels really nice to be home, but it’s still this weird mix of knowing that I’m moving out and this is the last college break I’ll have for the foreseeable future. I have my list of things I need to complete before I return to Bryn Mawr, but it’s still this heavy feeling that I’m carrying around with me. Spring Break has always been a weird time for me because it’s so close to the end of the term that you’re thinking about what you need to do before courses end, but you’re also thinking about what you need to do before summer begins. It’s also the time when I realize that some of the people I love the most are graduating- but this time, it’s ME!

Spring Break isĀ also the time of my birthday! I’m excited to be spending it with my parents, but I also have been with Pam only once on my actual Birthdays, and I’ve never been with my college friends. It’s kind of silly, but birthdays used to be such a big thing when I was younger and now they don’t feel like anything special. I supposed this is another perk of growing up.

In other news, my lovely cat Effy seems to have gained some weight. Normally I would attribute it to his fluff, but this time I think I can safely say that his size is pure fat content. As my father so eloquently put it, “When I see Effy trying to run I imagine a dump truck trying to take off and fly.” My poor little kitty cat. He’s currently sleeping on the chair across from me, unaware that I’m informing the inter webs of his recent weight gain. I don’t think he’d mind really. He doesn’t seem to care much of his appearance, unless we’ve gotten him recently shaved. In which case, he walks around with his little tail up in a happy question mark (?) formation. I think he enjoys his summer shave to be honest.

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